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 When ICING first went on-line, we included a brief history (#1, below) of curling. We quickly received a number of messages about our information, some agreeing with our facts and others disputing them. Since then the comments have continued to come in, and all we have to say is .. "How the hell did we manage to stir up this hornet's nest?"

To get ourselves out of this mess, we have decided to include in our site any legitimate (published by a reputable printing house) history that is forwarded to us. You viewers may then look over each one and make your own decisions.

If you strongly support one particular description, you may wish to present your reasons to the Curlers' Mail List at listproc.bgsu.edu or to the Curlers' News Group at news:rec.sport.curling . (If you are not familiar with these Discussion groups, check the procedures at Curlers' Connections.)

If you have other substantiated evidence to offer about the background of the game and you want to have it included in this page, please send your material through any of the addresses at the bottom of this page.

Contributions and updates requested!

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