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My father used to tell me the story about a friend of his who was a fanatical curler.

After having played in a bonspiel, the fellow put his curling gear in his car then returned to the club lounge for the post-games socializing. After a couple of hours, he left the club to make his way home. A few minutes later, in a very agitated state, he rushed back in. He went immediately to the public phone and dialed the police. The other curlers within earshot heard the following:

" Yes, I want to report the theft of my curling broom! What kind of broom? Well, it's a blue rink-rat with my initials on it. When did it go missing? Well, sometime within the last two hours. Anything else about it? Well, it was in my car and that's missing too!!"

Thanks to: Gail:
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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