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Policies for User Submitted Content

By submitting an event, you are agreeing to the following ICING Policies in addition to the ones listed above.

  • ICING reserves the sole right to decide which articles, jokes, images, contacts, and events are suitable for listing on this website and can remove any event at anytime without notification or cause.
  • You consent that we may make minor spelling corrections and/or grammar or formatting changes if we feel that they are required.
  • Copyright and ownership of the submitted content remains with the orginal copyright holder.
  • You are granting ICING perpetual licence to display a copy of that content on this website.
  • If you wish to have your content removed from the ICING website, please contact us by email giving the URL of the page which contains the content and which content you would like to have removed.

Please note that your submission must be approved before it will appear on the ICING website.

  • In order for this Event Form to be processed, ICING will send a Confirmation email to your email address.
  • If you do not acknowledge the receipt of that confirmation, the request will NOT be processed

Your email address will NOT appear on the ICING website as the person who submitted the content, however your email address will be kept in our content database.

NOTE: If you are submitting an article, picture or information about an event, person or organization and we receive a formal complaint, you will be notified of the complaint.  We will  release your email address and  IP address to them in response to that complaint if you can not come to an agreement with the complaintant. 

ICING is NOT responsible to any User Submitted Content and will NOT arbitrate in any disputes over User Submitted Content.  In general, or policy will be to remove any disputed content as soon as we are notified that a complaint has been made.


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